iBooking.com - Experts in Online Ticketing and Booking

Since 2003 iBooking have been committed to helping transport operators with their online ticketing and booking needs. The company focuses on providing online ticketing and booking solutions for transport operators of all types. They work with forward-thinking companies globally, enabling real-time online ticketing, supporting call-centre operators, and facilitating new sales channels. The cloud-based approach ensures that all interactions with the ticketing database are real-time, always up-to-date, and always accurate. No more overbooking, clunky paper-based processes, or complex and confusing spreadsheets. Every touch point with the business is now simple, logical, and easy to manage. Customers interact with a beautiful booking engine across all their devices, staff login to a secure management area to place bookings, manage inventory, and support customers. Agents and business partners use their own logins to place bookings, monitor their customers, payments, and commissions.

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