Branding, marketing & positioning

Look the part

Every business needs a name, an image, a brand, and to know where it fits in the marketplace. We love start-up businesses and have dozens under our belt. It’s the most exciting, dynamic time in the life of any business. Watching the passion of a founder evolve into something real, is a reward in itself. But like all the other building blocks, getting these things right is no easy feat. If you don’t have a marketing background, or creative juices flowing through your veins where do you start? You can certainly “have a go” but how far will that get you. Do it right from the start and you’ll be on the right road to creating a powerful brand that will grow with your business – helping not hindering. We can assist right at the start, or further down the line if you think you’ve made a mistake and need to make a change. We love to help craft the right name, find the perfect domain name [we’ve been active in the domain name industry for 20 years], and in producing the perfect logo that gets customers excited. That’s just the first step. We’re also there to help with all your marketing collateral – web site, mobile presence, downloadable material. Web marketing strategy? Yes, of course. We’ve done that too. Not to mention SEO, SEM, SMM and whatever other strategy makes sense for your business.