Market Research, idea validation and planning

Does the Big Idea Make Sense?

It’s because we’ve been creating and investing in digital businesses since the 90s that we know how to validate an idea, test a market, and put in place the essential building blocks that help a project, product, or business succeed. Maybe you’ve got a great idea but don’t know how to take it to the next level. Maybe you’ve already developed a product but are unsure who your target market is. There’s many other Maybe’s that we can help define, and then work with you to try and answer the pressing questions that may be stopping you from being successful. One thing we’re not is a “consultant”. We’re not in the business of finding ways to charge fees, or to define long-winded projects that lead to heavy documents. No, what we’re about it asking the basic questions that determine whether or not you can be successful. Sometimes that might simply be a set of bullet points you can stick on the wall. Sometimes it may require something more presentable to take to external backers. Whatever is it is you need, we’re there to sit side-by-side, and to make sure your first steps are the right steps.