Company setup, support & advice

Start the right way

Here’s the scenario. You’re an amazingly talented developer but you’re fed up working for someone else and being under appreciated? Maybe you’re a great salesperson with a cool idea but no-one wants to listen? Whatever the idea, whoever you are, and however you arrived on this page, you have similar issues. No-one has all the skills needed to be successful on their own. If you’ve always been employed, then basic business issues such as company setup, tax jurisdictions, and banking could leave you in a cold sweat. That’s why you need a partner that can be trusted to guide you step by step through the process of starting a business, and putting in place the structure that makes best sense for you and your business. Even if you’re already well established, or have done it before, having someone with the same motivation as you, who can take on some of the burden on the areas of business that don’t interest or excite you, can be invaluable. Not that company structures excite us either, but we know the important of doing it properly and how valuable it can be to protect yourself from the outset. Making a mistake on the legal structure from the outset can be incredibly costly later. We speak from experience, so we’ve partnered with trusted advisers in all parts of the world to make sure we can connect you to people that will deliver what you need. We’ve worked with everyone we recommend and can stake our reputation on their expertise, value for money, and reliability. With our base in Dubai, UAE, we’re also in an ideal location to help you with tax efficient company formation.